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"NIDAROS SEAFOOD LATVIA Ltd" is the branch of the Norwegian Open Joint-stock Company "NIDAROS SEAFOOD". "NIDAROS SEAFOOD" is a young, but fast-growing company, which is engaged in the processing of fish products. The company mostly has employees over 20 years work experience in their own trade, they know what our customers need, expeditiously react to consumer needs and market trends. Always looking for the best prices and product quality offer.
Our masters produce products in different categories - cold and hot smoked trout, salmon and other fish. We take part in the most ambitious Norwegian Fish Product Competition, which takes place every two years, Every time we are Top 5 and we receive various awards and we are highly appreciated from the jury and the people. This year we opened our company's branch in Latvia - NIDAROS SEAFOOD LATVIA Ltd. In the development strategy of the newly opened branch, the priority is in processing, marinating and smoking of salmon, trout and other products.
We want to introduce clients with high quality of production and acquired with a unique recipes and Norwegian master craftsmanship and experience.
"NIDAROS SEAFOOD LATVIA Ltd" wants to get new partners and clients with the products that have brought Norwegian salmon and trout world fame and high appreciation.

Benefits of eating fish

With regular consumption of fish, the cholesterol level decreases, the body is saturated with protein, the risk of cardiovascular and cancer diseases decreases, improve eyesight, skin and hair. Fish - the main source of omega fatty acids and vitamin D.
Research of many countries show that people who eat fish instead of meat, are much healthier and slimmer, since fish protein is digested better than meat. Also research show that women who eat fish instead of meat, are born more healthy children, because the fish contains all the necessary substances for the proper development of the mother's fetus.


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